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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Can't Be Everything We Wanted To Be

Mourning is For Suckers is a one man tour-de-force of kick ass punk armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a pocketful of cynicism. The goldsboro native songwriter, and good friend of mine, has recently began making a name for himself in Wilmington, NC. While currently a full time student at UNC-Wilmington, Mourning is for Suckers has been putting in serious work, playing shows with any punk band that matters who comes in through the area. He's played The Soapbox, Wilmington's premier venue, more times than I can count and he'll be taking part in Rad Fest this weekend (which is probably the most important punk rock event in the history of NC.) Hopefully he'll give some exclusive access to Rad Fest and make a post or two about how the festival goes.

But that's not even what this is all about - My friend Kory has recently been chosen to be on the Death to False Hope Records compilation "We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be." Other acts on this compilation include Bouncing Souls, The Dirty Little Heaters, American Aquarium, Look Mexico, twenty eight other great artists.

When Kory told me he had gotten on this compilation, I was very proud. We've played many a show together in our local park and it's good to know that people from Goldsboro are still making moves. There's a lot of talent in that town which is finally coming into full fruition. Mourning is For Suckers has just began to find it's real voice. It's been a phenomenal time seeing Kory go from his first material, which can be heard on his myspace here to this new material. it's all good, but the new stuff is GREAT.

On top of being on a roster with people who have arguably become part of the canon of modern day punk music, Mourning is for Sucker's has crafted one of the most epic, badass acoustic songs I've ever heard in "If I'm Wrong."

Recomended if you like: Against Me!, Look Mexico, Ghost Mice, Weatherbox, plan-it x records, no idea distribution, paul baribeau, and all that is badass.

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